Summer words

Do you know these words for summer in German?

Beach Baskets

Find out about the beach baskets that are found on beaches in Germany!

Quiz: Summer

Take this quiz about words for the summer season.

Bears’ Blog

Read about the bears’ adventures, or contribute your own school’s stories.

Bärenmarkt 1

Make your own teddy bears’ market stall – part 1

Bärenmarkt 2

Make your own teddy bears’ market stall – part 2

Es regnet

It’s raining in this German nursery rhyme.


Listen to and read the story of the man with the golden touch!


Find out how to make this southern German speciality …

Kalter Hund

Find out how to make a tasty German birthday treat.


Find out about the ‘giant of the skies’!


Find out about trams in Germany!

The Trabi

Find out more about this famous East German car.


Find out about Germany’s second favourite sport.


Find out more about northern Germany’s ‘Olympics on mud’!


Find out about the German Schultüte tradition here.

Dream Castle

Find out about King Ludwig’s fairytale castle …


Did you know that gummy bears come from Germany?


Find out about Germany’s answer to Mr. Punch.

Die Maus

Find out about German TV’s most famous mouse!

The Euro

Find out more about the Euro in Germany.


How would you talk about your pets in German?


Read about this former ‘animal of the year’ in Germany.


What colour are most of the squirrels in Germany?