German Bread

Find out about the different kinds of tasty bread in Germany …

German Bread

Brezel (pretzel)

Pretzels are very popular amongst German kids, especially in southern German regions where they are known as Brezn. In northern Germany, they are known as Brezel.

Brötchen (bread rolls)

Brötchen are small, crusty rolls that are popular all over Germany. They are often sprinkled with different types of seeds or nuts. In South Germany, they call them Semmel.

Vollkornbrot (brown bread)

Vollkornbrot is a brown bread which is very popular in Germany.  It is made using wholewheat flour and contains a lot of fibre. It is often topped with seeds.


Pumpernickel is a very dense German bread and is made from rye flour.

Toastbrot (toast bread)

In Germany, Toastbrot is the name given to a type of bread that is specifically made to be toasted! Toastbrot is very similar to the sliced bread eaten in the UK.

Did you know …?

  • There are around 300 different kinds of bread in Germany. Many of them are flavoured and topped with seeds.
  • Some kinds of German bread are so rich with ingredients that they are almost black. This kind of bread is called Schwarzbrot (black bread).
  • Would you like to try black bread?

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Deutsch English
das Brot bread
das Brötchen bread roll
der Bäcker baker
lecker delicious