Find out more about northern Germany’s ‘Olympics on mud’!

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Do you like sports that involve lots of falling over in the mud? Then Brunsbüttel is the place for you! Once a year since 2004, people from around Europe have been coming together to watch 400 athletes compete in the ‘Wattolümpiade’ – a kind of ‘Olympics’ held entirely on mud!

The Watt is a large, flat area of mud where the sea meets the land on the northern German coast – a bit like a huge, muddy beach that goes on for miles. It is home to lots of different kinds of seabirds, mussels, insects and crabs, but during the Wattolümpiade, the peace is shattered by wild and muddy sporting events.

The sports that take place during the Wattolümpiade include football, handball, volleyball and even a sledge race. Just like in the real Olympic Games, the winning teams compete for medals, but there is also a presentation ceremony for the funniest team and the best costumes. Maybe you would like to go and compete one day? – Just remember to pack some soap and a change of clothes!

Did you know …?

  • Brunsbüttel lies on the mouth of the river Elbe into the North Sea.
  • All profits from the Wattolümpiade go to charity, and over 200,000 € has been raised since 2014.
  • Apart from the sporting events, the Wattolümpiade includes a children’s fun fair and concerts.

Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
das Meer sea
der Sport sport
der Schlitten sledge
die Medaille medal
das Watt mudflats
der Sportler / die Sportlerin sports-person