Festivities in Fürth

Christmas Markets, Lebkuchen and Lights!

For the past 30 years, Dunoon Grammar School in Kirn has been running a successful exchange programme with Hardenburg Gymnasium in Fürth. In 2018, it was time to introduce the younger children of Kirn to Germany, with a primary school Magical Christmas trip!

On a trip that lasted four days, fifteen pupils from Kirn Primary School travelled to Fürth, accompanied by their teachers and five mentor students from Dunoon Grammar School. While in Fürth, they visited their partners at the Hardenberg Gymnasium and the Frauenschule and participated in joint activities, such as candle making, a trip to the local Christmas market and a Lebkuchen workshop. The new and exciting German foods and the festive atmosphere were a highlight of the trip!

“I enjoyed the Lebkuchen workshop, it was really fun. I have kept in touch with people too. It was a really fun trip!” Christopher, Year 6 pupil

Prior to travelling to Germany, the five mentors spent time at Kirn primary school, getting to know the children and teaching them German phrases that would be useful for the trip. For the mentors, this was a chance to develop their leadership skills and the children enjoyed speaking to young people, who weren’t their teachers!

During their visit to the Frauenschule, the pupils bonded over discussions about German and Scottish similarities and differences, such as architecture, Christmas traditions and music. At the end of the visit, both German and Scottish pupils came together for a multilingual rendition of Silent Night, or Stille Nacht!

“It was nice to meet the German children and to see what their schools were like” Elise, Year 6 pupil

Throughout the trip, the primary school children were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones. Alongside trying new foods and experiencing the German culture, many of them had never flown before. The five older mentors provided the younger pupils with support and guidance, while themselves gaining independence and leadership skills. Alongside this, everyone was able to practice and improve their German language.

“I supported the younger ones as I helped the children learn some German words and helped them a little with communication between them and their German partner while baking. I enjoyed helping them because I enjoyed teaching them and they enjoyed learning and being able to communicate better.” Chloe Year 11 pupil

The Scottish children are all keen to visit Germany again, keep in touch with their new friends and learn German at secondary school. They have also been busy spreading the word in the wider school community and the five mentors have continued to visit Kirn Primary school and assist with German events!

“What an experience, I just want to go back!” Harley, Year 6 pupil

“Overall this trip has made me want to spend a lot more time in Germany to understand and experience the culture more, and in the summer holidays I will be taking part in the German exchange in which I will be staying with my German partner in Fürth.” Jack, Year 11 pupil