Partnership Visit Fund

“The opportunity to speak to staff in Germany has been absolutely invaluable. It has already created a buzz about the project, and staff from other subject areas are keen to come on-board.” 

(UK secondary teacher)

The Partnership Visit Fund supports staff planning visits to set up new or foster on-going partnerships between schools and youth groups in the UK and Germany.

  • What does the grant support?

    Visits aimed at:

    • planning a new UK-German partnership and joint activities 
    • reviving or developing an existing partnership
    • introducing new staff members into a partnership where the main coordinator has left or is no longer involved.

    The grant is designed to help coordinators to meet their partners, gain an insight into their partner institution and plan future partnership activities between the young people.

    For a full list of the grant criteria, and before submitting an application, please read the Partnership Visit Fund guidelines.

  • Who is it for?

    The grant is open to coordinators and heads of primary, secondary and SEN schools, FE colleges and youth groups in the UK and Germany.

    1 – 3 teachers, headteachers or youth group leaders can be involved in the visit, as well as 2-3 accompanying young people, as long as they have an active role in the planning process.

    Applications from local clusters of institutions are also welcome.

    Your German partner institution can also apply for a separate grant for a planning visit to your institution.

  • What funding is available?

    Funding of normally up to £1,000 is available, depending on the overall costs of the visit. 

    The grant can cover a maximum of 75% of total cost of the visit.

    In exceptional cases, it is possible to apply for a higher amount of funding (please see the guidelines for full details).

    The following visit costs can be supported:

    • travel and transport
    • accommodation and subsistence
    • joint activities, including excursions
    • costs for your exchange partners to take part in joint activities with your group while you are in Germany
    • materials and room hire
    • visa costs directly related to project visits
    • virtual / digital activities (hardware and software*)

    * the grant can be partially used towards software, hardware or hardware rental but can not cover more than 75% of the cost of any such items.

    Up to 25% of the total grant can be used for organisational support.

    For full details of the funding amounts, eligibility and procedures, please refer to the Partnership Visit Fund guidelines.

  • How can we apply?

    Important: before submitting an application, please:

    The Partnership Visit Fund has a rolling deadline. However, applications must be received by UK-German Connection at least six weeks in advance of the visit. Applications must be made by the travelling institution.

    To apply, please download and save the Partnership Visit Fund application form Complete this and sign it electronically. Also download and fill in the project costings form, then send these two documents to

    Please note that your German partner institution can also apply for a separate partnership planning visit to your institution.

  • What happens next?

    You will normally be notified of the outcome of your application within three weeks of receipt of the complete application.

    The grant will be provided in two instalments, with 75% of the overall agreed grant provided in advance of the trip and the remaining amount paid on receipt of a report and financial reconciliation.

  • Q&A webinars, contact and support

    We are running a series of Q&A webinars for anyone interested in finding out more about UK-German Connection funding programmes.

    These interactive sessions will provide detailed information about our grants and offer you the chance to ask questions and run your ideas past us.

    To sign up, please use the short registration form for one of the dates below:

    • Thursday, 27 May; 5-6pm GMT (for UK schools and youth groups, in English)
    • Thursday, 17 June; 4-5pm GMT (for German schools and youth groups, in German) 
    • Monday, 28 June; 5-6pm GMT (for UK and German schools and youth groups, in English and German) 
    • Wednesday, 30 June; 4-5pm GMT (for German schools and youth groups, in German) 
    • Monday, 12 July; 5-6pm GMT (for UK schools and youth groups, in English)

    If you have any questions about the programme or would like to discuss your plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us at