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Still & Sparkling is a magazine for young people by young people: all articles and features are produced by participants of our UK-German youth seminars. Since 2006, these seminars have been giving British and German young people a platform to discuss the challenges facing them today and to come up with ideas for change.

In March 2013, 60 young people from the UK and Germany met in Berlin to explore the issues of citizenship, sustainability and education. Over the course of a three-and-a-half day seminar, they made new friends and engaged in lively and productive dialogue, producing a range of work including photography, a podcast and the articles for this magazine!

Funded by a special grant from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the seminar’s main aim was to put the young people centre stage and highlight their role in society. In a series of thought-provoking presentations, experts provided the young people with a thematic impetus for their creative discussions. Then, in workshop groups, the participants drafted action plans to put their ideas into practice, also learning how to present their outcomes to a wider audience.

Still & Sparkling is a magazine for young people by young people: all articles and features were co-produced by the seminar participants. We are extremely proud to showcase their joint work and findings in this issue and hope that it will also add some sparkle to discussions in your own schools!

Town life video

Would you like to show your children what Germany looks like? Then have a look at Komm mit! – Town life in Germany. Please note that this video is intended for primary pupils or beginners in their first year of secondary school.

This film shows different aspects of daily life in Germany and covers the following topics:

  • Public transport
  • Bakery
  • Butcher’s shop
  • Post office
  • Primary school
  • Christmas and Easter

A young boy, Ben, introduces his home town, the medieval city of Nuremberg in Bavaria. The narration is in English but the dialogues in the film are in German, spoken by native speakers. At the end of each main topic, there are useful words for the children to repeat.

Please note that the film is not a professional production but a great resource by a primary teacher for primary schools. It was produced by Katja Neubauer from King’s School, Rochester and was supported by an Anglo-German Teacher Fellowship grant from the British Council.

The film comes with a resource pack which can be sent to you electronically. This contains suggestions for the classroom and the German dialogues from the film. To order the resource pack, please contact us and mention ‘Town Life’ in the ‘message’ field.

We hope you enjoy watching the film with your pupils!


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