Youth Seminar ‘Sustainable Consumption: why our everyday choices matter?’

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What to eat? What to wear? How to travel from A to B?

As consumers, we make dozens of decisions every single day. But what is the wider impact of these choices? And to what extent does what we do today affect the world of tomorrow?

We’ve all read about the need to recycle in our homes, to use fewer single-use plastic bottles and to eat less meat. We’ve watched the documentaries, re-posted the inspiring or shocking articles on social media, and followed the progress of movements such as Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion.

The growing consensus is that we all need to do more. But what are the everyday choices that each of us can take that will really make a difference? And what are the challenges and barriers that prevent many people from making these changes?

What was the Youth Seminar ‘Sustainable Consumption’ about?

In collaboration with the British Embassy Berlin, UK-German Connection held a four-day youth seminar in November 2019 on the theme of Sustainable Consumption in Berlin.

Against the backdrop of an increasing number of environmental initiatives, community projects and international movements, and to coincide with the start of ‘Green GB week’, young people from across the UK and Germany had the chance to meet in Berlin to discuss sustainable consumption.

Activities included:

  • Expert-led workshops on sustainability and consumer choices
  • Excursions in Berlin on the seminar theme
  • A presentation of the participants’ collective ideas about sustainable consumption during an event at the British Embassy Berlin

Food, fashion and flights…

Under the overarching theme of sustainable consumption, the seminar focussed on three sub-areas of transport, food and fashion, with participants considering questions such as:

  • What are the best ways to waste fewer resources and live more sustainably within these areas?
  • How easy is it to make sustainable choices, and what are the challenges we as consumers may face?
  • How could new technologies and digitisation help reduce our footprint?
  • What can we do more within our homes or communities, to make more sustainable consumer choices?

What happens next?

Following their return home, our participants will be sharing what they learnt at the seminar with their wider community. Keep an eye out for our event report and photo gallery…coming soon!