Youth Webinar Series ‘Together: Reflecting on Life After Conflict’

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Applications for this youth webinar series are now closed.

In collaboration with Never Such Innocence, UK-German Connection is holding a three-part youth webinar series on the theme of ‘Life After Conflict’ in November 2021.

What is this youth webinar series all about?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘conflict’? Some may think about their own personal conflicts or modern-day events, such as Covid-19 or Brexit, and the challenges of staying connected. Others may focus on border conflicts and the importance of rebuilding communities to move forward from this division. Or for some, the word conflict is related to wars and the importance of remembrance and memorials.

Whatever your interpretation, the road to reconciliation following conflict can be long and challenging. This webinar series will invite young people aged 12-14 from the UK and Germany to use poetry, photography and song to reflect on what conflict means to them, and their interpretation of ‘Life After Conflict’.

Participants of this three-part youth webinar series will:

  • explore the theme of ‘Life After Conflict‘ with young people from both countries
  • take part in creative workshops led by poetry, photography and songwriting experts
  • take part in a final presentation event with special guests from the UK & Germany
  • When do the webinars take place?

    Each participant will take part in three webinars as part of this webinar series, reflecting on the theme of ‘Life After Conflict’. Participants will be able to apply for one of three creative groups, each with a different focus: photography, poetry or songwriting.

    A first webinar with all three creative groups will take place on Tuesday, 2 November 2021 at 4:30pm.

    The second webinar will take place on the following dates. Please note: you will only attend one of these three webinars (based on your allocated creative group):

    • Photography: Thursday, 4 November at 4:30pm
    • Poetry: Tuesday, 9 November at 4:30pm
    • Songwriting: Wednesday, 10 November at 4:30pm

    The third and final webinar will bring all three groups together again for a presentation evening, together with special guests from the UK & Germany. This is an opportunity for participants to present their creative pieces and thoughts. The presentation evening will take place on Thursday, 25 November 2021 at 4:30pm.

    Each webinar will last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

    You must be able to commit to attending and actively participating in all webinars for your assigned creative group. This means attending all three events: the introductory webinar with all participants, the second webinar with your creative group (see above), and the final presentation webinar. Participants who take part in all three webinars will receive a certificate.

    There is space in the application form for you to tell us which creative group you are most interested in. Groups will be assigned by UK-German Connection and confirmed with participants when we confirm your participation.

  • Who can apply?

    You can apply if you:

    • are aged 12-14 and in full-time secondary education;
    • are a resident of either the UK or Germany;
    • can demonstrate an interest in the webinar theme detailed above, and in discussing the topic with UK and German peers;
    • are willing and able to actively take part in all webinars (including activities, before, during and after) and contribute to the discussions and activities.

    German language skills are not required for the webinar. Some German language elements will be included in the webinars but you don’t need any prior knowledge and/or translations will be provided.

    Active support from both your school and parent(s)/guardian(s) is essential.

    Please note: a maximum of three participants per institution will be selected to join the webinar series.

  • What equipment do I need to take part?

    The online meetings will be hosted using a video conferencing website. Only confirmed participants will be admitted to join the call.

    You will need a laptop (or a tablet or smart phone) with a camera, microphone and stable internet connection. We also strongly recommend headphones.

    If you do not have such equipment of your own, we recommend speaking to your teacher or youth group leader to see if you can borrow equipment or use a library.

    Each participant should attend using their own, individual device unless there is a compelling reason for several participants to use one device. In this case, please contact us in advance. This is for safeguarding as well as technical reasons.

    If you have any other barriers to taking part, please get in touch to speak to us about this on

  • Online safety

    Our online events take place in a protected and moderated environment and are led by experienced and vetted UK-German Connection staff, including a dedicated online-safety contact.

    Only confirmed participants will be admitted to join the calls. Online safety briefings will be given at the beginning of the webinars, including guidance on how to privately ask for help or support. Our webinars will not be recorded, and contact details of participants will not be shared without prior written permission.

    After confirming their place, participants (and their parents, if under-18) must read & confirm our Digital Safeguarding document, which includes the following information:

    • our code of conduct for expected online behaviour during our webinars;
    • technical safety features for our webinars, and how to share any concerns with staff during the meeting;
    • space to let us know about your media permissions and data sharing preferences.

    If you, your parent/guardian or your teacher/youth group leader have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

  • Contact us

    If you have any questions, please send an email to