Participant Views – Youth Conference ‘Culture & Heritage in a Digital World’

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What did you learn?

We asked our 60 participants from across the UK and Germany what they enjoyed and learned about cultural heritage at our youth conference in June 2018. Here are some of their answers…

I have realized the sheer number of forms that cultural heritage can take and how strongly it influences your character and personality. (UK participant)

I loved to see how the cultural heritage influences people’s identity, and how the experience of the unique culture in Berlin brought us all together anyway. (German participant)

The conference had a positive impact on both my social skills and my understanding of other cultures. (German participant)

[The conference] made me realise how important it is to keep our past in the present and use it to shape our future. (UK participant)

I learned a lot more about the history and culture of both the UK and Germany from the discussions we had. The history tour was a real highlight and […] the conference as a whole has supplemented my A Level studies. (UK participant)