Did you know that gummy bears come from Germany?

That’s right! – Gummibären (gummy bears) are a German invention! They were first created by Hans Riegel all the way back in 1922.

Hans Riegel was the founder of the German sweet company Haribo and came from the city of Bonn in Germany . The name Haribo is an acronym of his name: HAns RIegel, BOnn! In the 19th century in Germany, dancing bears would perform at street festivals. Hans Riegel saw these bears and became inspired to created the Tanzbär gummy bear sweet, which later became the Goldbär gummy bear. You can now buy gummy bears all over the world!


Did you know?

There are lots of fascinating facts about gummy bears:

  • Over 100 million gummy bears are produced each day!
  • In 2007, the shape of gummy bears was changed to give them a bigger smile.
  • The largest gummy bear weighed 512kg and was made in Germany in 2014!
  • The original Goldbären are apple, orange, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry flavoured.
Deutsch English
der Gummibär gummy bear
die Süßigkeiten sweets
der Zucker sugar
die Schokolade chocolate
der Apfel apple
die Orange orange
die Ananas pineapple
die Erdbeere strawberry
die Himbeere raspberry


Find out more about the history of Gummibären on the Haribo company website.