What is a Schultüte?

Once upon a time in Germany, children who were about to start school were told the legend of the tree that grows in every teacher’s garden.

It was said that on this tree grew bags filled with all types of Süßigkeiten (sweets), toys and goodies. These bags are known as Schultüten (school cones).

Schultüten have been given to German kids on their first day of school since around 1810. This tradition started in big German cities such as Jena, Dresden and Leipzig.

To this day, parents and family members fill Schultüten with yummy sweets, little presents and useful stationery. They give them to children to celebrate the beginning of their school days.

Did you know …?

  • Schultüte is filled with treats.
  • Schultüten are colourful cones and come in different sizes.
  • They make the first day of school even more fun and exciting!

Click here for some fantastic photos of German kids with Schultüten

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Deutsch English
die Schultüte Cone filled with sweets, presents and stationery
die Süßigkeiten sweets
die Schule school