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Our stay in Germany’s capital continues to delight us and offer such a wealth of opportunities.

We visited the BVG (Berlin transport) with our German partners to learn about their vast training opportunities on Friday and then in total contrast we went on a boat ride through the historic centre of Berlin, stopping off for ice cream on the way. Then it was Auf Wiedersehen for the weekend as everyone spent quality time with their partners to learn more about the family culture.

Monday morning and everyone was so happy to share their weekend experiences which included cinema trips, visits to the Lake (Wannsee) (the weather was gorgeous ☀☀☀), and a Muslim family festival Eid al Adha.

We then went cooking German style, making meatballs, vegetarian option of Seitan (meat substitute made from wheat and not soya), Kartoffel(potato)salat and Streuselkuchen (crumble cake) before eating it, of course and it was all delicious.

Our final outing of the day was to a Smartroom and we had the choice of a Raumschiff (space ship) or a Leichenhaus (mortuary) to escape from. Working together as a team we were able to solve clues to get out of our respective rooms.
We look forward to a quiet day tomorrow in school before we hit the theatre tomorrow night.

Watch this space!

Clare, GPC Berlin Group Leader


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