Bayerische Kultur: Tanzen und Kochen

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Today we started off with a lesson from Frau Bailey. We covered many important topics including grammar and our homework which consisted of a translation and research about Passau, a nearby city.

After a break we joined up with our German hosts for another Thematic Workshop. We all love these as they are mix of different challenges in both German and English so we really get to work on our communication skills of explaining the tasks and our ideas to each other. Today we made a poster which had characteristics of an ideal world citizen so we used our adjectives from our last workshop and picked the best ones that we thought the ideal cosmopolitan citizen should have.

Afterwards we had a dance class with Herr Landspersky – we learnt a traditional Bavarian dance which we are to perform at the Bunter Abend for our host parents on Thursday evening. We enjoyed this enormously because we felt like we were truly getting to know the heart of Bavaria and what the people love and used to do.

We also got to take part in a cooking lesson – this was amazing too because we helped to make traditional Bavarian food with Class 7b. The students showed us what to do and afterwards we ate our results! We cooked: Leberkäse, three types of Potato Salad, Weißwurst and an apple cake pudding – it was very tasty! This was my favourite part of the day because we all got stuck in and we enjoyed ourselves immensely and learnt lots about Bavarian culture.

After school many of us went to PEB an outdoor swimming pool in Passau we jumped from 3m,5m and some from 10m and had a nice cool-off during a 29/30° day! Then I went with my host and her family into the heart of Passau. We wandered round the old part of the city and ate lots of ice cream – a necessity on a hot day! We also walked to where the three rivers intersect and it was magical! The water from each river is a different colour and you can clearly see where they join. It’s fascinating to see these rivers join together in one place. We also went into Passau Dom which was incredible and it is has an organ with the most organ pipes in the world! . I was in awe of this and the architecture and the magnificent ceiling paintings.

GPC Ortenburg 2018

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