Besuch in der Grundschule und bayerisch kochen

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We started the day with a sports lesson at the Mittelschule next to the Evangelische Realschule in Ortenburg. The lesson was interesting because it was very different to PE lessons back in the UK, playing a game the entire lesson of football and American football. Once that was over we went to the local Primary School (Grundschule) and visited a 4. Klasse (equivalent of year 5, last year of primary school in Germany) and helped them with their English through conversations about school. We also taught them the all time favourite nursery rhyme the wheels on the bus! We then visited a 3. Klasse and had a bit of time to let them practise their English through more games and conversations and then a 1. Klasse where we spoke to them in German and listened to them singing a song. It was interesting to see what the pupils in Germany learn at primary school, especially with how early they start learning foreign languages, leading to the high level of fluency in English that most Germans have later on. Back at the Realschule, we spent the afternoon doing a cooking course, cooking traditional Bavarian dishes such as Apfelringe (battered and fried Apples covered in sugar) which we then ate afterwards. Lecker!

Then in the evening some of us went to the freibad which was a lot of fun. However today was also Sam’s, our assistant group leader, last day with us in Ortenburg. Sam has been so friendly and kind to everyone and made everyone’s time here in Ortenburg better. We wish her luck with her next UK-German Connection seminar and Vielen Dank from all of us!

Rupert, GPC Ortenburg


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