Der Bayerische Wald

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Today’s excursion was to the Bavarian forest, a world renowned site of natural beauty, and our second visit to a German national park so far. Arriving at the National Park with a fully enthusiastic (and very slightly over-excited) Klasse 5a we set off In groups of four (three Germans and one Brit). We walked through the forest, with the aim of finding as many wild animals as possible and learning together both the English and German names. My personal favourites included the rather elusive wolves or Wölfe (fortunately in an enclosed area), and of course the wild cat or Europäische Wildkatze.
Frau Bailey had promised us that working with the younger children would provide us with excellent German practice and indeed it did (even if only stern imperatives and the occasional imploring ‘bitte’!), Wearied after such a strenuous test of both our leadership and German skills, we were pleased to participate in some light German practice back at school in the afternoonwith Herr Irl: creating amusing captions (natürlich auf deutsch) for pictures taken surreptitiously of us throughout the course. It was a hilarious conclusion to another thoroughly rewarding day!

GPC Ortenburg 2018

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