Our last full day

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Today, after a busy and tiring two weeks, we embarked on our final full day here in Ortenburg. School finished for the summer holidays yesterday so we all had a free day with our host families. Many of us met together for breakfast, which consisted of pretzels (Brezen), soft drinks and sausages (the traditional Bavarian Weisswurstchen). Later in the day, we set off on different adventures. For example, to the Bayern-Park or visiting Passau. In Passau there was boat trip, which allowed people to see the three intersecting rivers that all become the Danube and flows all the way to Austria and beyond! A traditional Bavarian meal awaited many of us once back at our hosts homes. We have all thoroughly enjoyed this incredible experience and have gained invaluable knowledge behind the German language and culture.

GPC Ortenburg 2018

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