Regensburg and Walhalla

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Today we visited Regensburg, a historical town in Bayern. For this excursion, we worked in pairs of British and German students to complete a quiz on the town. This lead us to see the most interesting parts of Regensburg, including the cathedral and the town hall.

We also had plenty of time to eat ice cream, which was of course very important due to the sunny weather!

Then we visited Walhalla – a Greek-style temple near Regensburg built by King Ludwig I in the mid-19th century to honour and glorify the great and good of Germany and the wider Germanic world. This held busts of important and famous personalitiese from Germany throughout history. These included many we recognised (Bach, Einstein, Bismarck, Goethe, Rubens) but also gave us the chance to learn a few more.

Overall, like everyday here, it was an amazing experience which immersed us in German culture and gave us the opportunity to learn and practise the language.

GPC Ortenburg 2018

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