Schloss, Sonne und Schwimmen

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Tuesday was the last day of Klasse 10 and they pulled many pranks on the students and the teachers. As we walked into school we noticed that the whole school was decked in caution tape. We were escorted to the back of the school where the door was locked and the keys supposedly hidden in a balloon. The teachers had to search for the key by popping all the balloons however the they soon found out that the key was actually in a tub full of slime. After the school was unlocked, we went to the tennis court where Klasse 10 had set out a variety of funny games and activities for the teachers to complete. The teachers had to play against the students in Klasse 10 in a game of Bierpong. The ‘beer’ was actually a bad-tasting drink that a team had to consume when their opponent scored. It was very funny to watch and there were many more games like: tug of war, a quiz and karaoke. Afterwards we had a short Landesquiz about Germany before walking up to the Ortenburg castle where we had a very animated tour in German. We all wondered through the decorated rooms, it was a very beautiful castle with a lot of history. After that our group went swimming in the local Freibad. Many of the English and German exchanges came so there were a lot of us. We went down the slides and dived off the diving boards. It was very thrilling for us as there are not many outside swimming pools with diving boards in England. All in all it was a very exciting day that I enjoyed very much.

Matilda, GPC Ortenburg


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