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Today with UK-German Connection we spent the day in the Rückert-Gymnasium school with our partners. We have been in Berlin nearly a week now and so this was the perfect time to test out our newly improved confidence and fluency. For the first two lessons we joined our partners in their normal lessons. Some students had biology, some ethics and some maths. I had a very interesting lesson as my partner had English. We wrote some pieces to read out and it was actually really fun. Then after the ‘short break’ we had a German lesson and began our workshop projects. We’re getting creative on the theme of ‘Architecture in Berlin’ so watch this space for our finished info-artwork!

After school ended I visited the National Gallery and saw some beautiful German art including Adolf Menzel. I had never heard of him before but I found his style beautiful, and my partner’s mother, who had kindly taken me to the gallery, explained the significance of the German imagery. I found it interesting to compare the outlook and approach of Menzel with other contemporary artists from England and to start to understand the German heritage a little. Every day after school my partner family and I have a cultural visit and every day I learn something fascinating. I am really enjoying experiencing German culture from a both a schoolgirl and a historical point of view. Afterwards, we came home with the U-Bahn and ate a traditional soup for supper (it was delicious). This is just a short explanation of a really busy day but I hope you get a sense of how full and enjoyable this experience has been so far.

I am getting on with my host family really well and feel so at home. In the English lesson I was really impressed by the students’ high level of ability, and it reminded me how in the UK, if we want to be competitive among a multilingual world, we need to jump at every opportunity to learn foreign languages.

Dankeschön und Tschuß!

Anna, GPC Berlin


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