Sprachunterricht und thematischer Workshop

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On Monday of this week we had an unexpected art lesson as our partners were taking a swimming test. For the rest of the morning we had mostly speaking lessons, in which we learnt how to apply the different cases to our language skills, as well as furthering our confidence within our primary projects, by doing careful and thorough planning. After our lessons,to the joy of everyone, we were treated to an insight into Bavarian culture involving a traditional Bavarian dance that we somehow executed in 32 degree heat, indoors! Overall today was really interesting and everyone was definitely able to go home and say they had learnt something new.

Ella, GPC Ortenburg

On Tuesday we started school with Sprachkurs (language lesson) and after break we had our second session based on the thematic workshop. We went over some of the key vocabulary and then were given a short time frame to take a photo that communicates our idea about that which is most important to us. For this we were free to roam Orenburg for photo opportunities. We then had to write a short sentence about why we had chosen a particular statement. For the final lesson we continued to work on our primary school projects for our return to the UK. It was a hot and sunny day and once again many, but not all, headed to the Freibad for the afternoon.

Ruben, GPC Ortenburg


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