Was uns im Leben wichtig ist

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We began the day with a German lesson, paying attention to various sentence structures which we could all use to display greater knowledge and depth of the language. Then we visited the youngest year in the Realschule – Class 5-to practise our German and allow then to practise their English, which we did through playing a similar game to snakes and ladders. Afterwards followed another German lesson to practise some more complex vocabulary and structures. After that we went to prepare some jokes on particular photos that had been taken throughout the week in order to present them at the Bunter Abend. Following that we all worked on our thematic workshop on a topic the topics of ‘ was ist mir wichtig’. For most of us it is important to live a full life, da man nur einmal lebt. The end of our first week here and a weekend of various activities beckons.

Alston, GPC Ortenburg


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