Wenn es Träne gibt, dann haben wir’s richtig gemacht!

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The last two days flew by so quickly and it was almost time to go home. Most of those last two days were spent in school, where there were German grammar lessons, including the subjunctive of course, as well as a very entertaining version of Dragon’s Den where Thomas and Tom had to convince the rest of the group to buy a singing lifebelt.

We did manage to squeeze in two final excursions. One was to Gleis 17, the memorial to all the Berlin Jews who were deported from Grünewald station to various concentration camps. To see the steel bars with dates and numbers was so moving and had a profound effect on the group. The second excursion was to Bernauerstrasse where a piece of the Berlin Wall is still in place, complete with watchtower. This too was very moving and conveyed a sense of what it was like to live in Berlin and experience this reality.

Then it was back to school for the Abschiedsparty. Pizza, cake and speeches were the order of the day and of course there were tears and some lovely photos taken. In the words of Frau Frendo, if there are tears, then we have done well.

On the final morning, we had Berliners and coffee before the bus came to take us to the airport. More tears (mostly mine, this time) and then we were off. This time the journey ran seamlessly, with no delays and all bags came back with us. Hurrah!!

This group were a very interesting bunch of young people and it was my pleasure to meet them and be their guide.

We had a fantastic time and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rückert- Gymnasium for hosting us and Frau Frendo and Herr Bolduan for organising us so well.

Bis nächstes Jahr!



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