German inventions

All of these things were invented in Germany!

die MP3
Invented: 1989
Do you enjoy listening to music on your MP3 player? It was a German inventor who worked out how to make song files so small that they can fit on to such a tiny gadget!
der Fußballschuh
(football boots – with screw-in studs)
Invented: 1948
Do you like football? Think how much more difficult it would be to play in wet weather without studs on your boots. A German inventor came up with the idea of modern screw-in studs (‘Schraubstollen’)!

(Gummy Bears)
Invented: 1922
Find out more about Gummibären
Do you like these tasty treats? Well, they’re a German invention! Gummibären 
were the idea of Hans Riegel, the founder of Haribo.

die Mundharmonika

Invented: 1821
Have you ever tried to play a tune on the harmonica? If so, you’ll know that this little instrument isn’t that easy to master! It was invented by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann.
das Röntgengerät
(X-ray machine)
Invented: 1895
Have you ever broken your leg? It was a German inventor (Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen) we have to thank for the invention of the X-ray machine.
das Auto
(motor car)
Invented: 1885
Ever wanted to be a racing driver? Well, there wouldn’t be any car racing without Carl Benz, who invented the motor car!
die Druckpresse
(printing press)
Invented: 1440
Are you a bookworm? It was a German, Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press. Before this invention, every book had to be written by hand. Just imagine how long it took before a story was finished!