Tongue Twisters

Challenge your friends to these tricky German tongue twisters! …


If you can repeat these tongue twisters five times in a row without getting muddled, you are really good!

Challenge your friends to a competition! The one who repeats the tongue twisters the quickest wins.

It’s a good idea to listen to the recordings first.

Listen to: Tongue twister – Klapperschlangen

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Es klapperten die Klapperschlangen, bis ihre Klappern schlapper klangen.

(The rattlesnakes rattled until their rattles sounded weaker).

Listen to: Tongue twister – Rauchlachs

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Rauchlachs mit Lauchreis.

(Smoked salmon with leek rice).

Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
der Zungenbrecher tongue twister
die Klapperschlange rattlesnake
der Rauchlachs smoked salmon
der Lauchreis leek rice