Bärenmarkt 2

Make your own teddy bears’ market stall! – Part 2

Step 7

Put the long flap on the ‘v’ shapes to make a table.

Einen Tisch machen.

Step 8

The market stall is taking shape! Decorate it with paints, pencils, or coloured card.

Den Stand schmücken.

Step 9

We’re using coloured paper to decorate our market stall.

Wir verwenden Buntpapier.

Step 10

Now cut out the food pictures for the market stall.

Die Essensbilder ausschneiden.

Step 11

Cut out the bears and glue the bottom flap.

Die Bärenbilder ausschneiden.

Step 12

Fold along the dotted lines and glue the flap to the back of the bear.

Den Bären falten und kleben.

Step 13

Colour in and cut out the Bärenmarkt sign, then glue it to the stall.

Das Schild ausmalen.

Step 14

Put the food on the stall. Your Bärenmarkt stall is now finished and ready for business!

Dein Marktstand ist fertig!

Well done!

Now that you have finished your market stall, why not practise buying and selling things in German?

Deutsch English
der Tisch table
schmücken to decorate
das Buntpapier coloured paper
das Essen food
das Bild picture
kleben to glue