Our oceans – unexplored and flooded with waste

Who: ELA Ambassador Niall and FLA Ambassador Oke (Medina College and Trave- Grund- und Gemeinschaftsschule)

Participants: Several classes in both schools, Year 7-11

Our project was inspired by Seas and Oceans, the theme of the BMBF Year of Science. The aim of our project was to increase knowledge and understanding about the topic and to raise awareness about waste and pollution.

We organised excursions to the coast, and created a video along with a recycling guide. We wrote letters about ourselves and exchanged social media accounts. Our letters included small texts on our favourite activities related to the sea such as fishing, diving and fossil hunting. This linked our theoretical discussions with our personal lives.

We measured the amount of waste we produced in a week. The German pupils took photos of their city and created maps to show their friends how close to the sea they are. We went on a trip around an island and took photos discovering new perspectives. A local artist told us about her work on plastic pollution. We came up with a recycling quiz and interviewed the manager of a local youth café known for their upcycling projects. After all these activities, we created a gigantic map with all the letters, photos and texts bringing together our (art-)work.