German Pupil Courses: Nauen 2019

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The former East German town of Nauen, Brandenburg was the destination of this two week German Pupil Course. Not only did the 12 participants improve their German but made lots of new friends and built skills for life. Here they tell us more about what they got up to!


Going to Germany on the German Pupil Course will not only be one of the greatest experiences of your life but also of the most educational. You become fully immersed in German everyday life and school allowing you to improve your language skills and knowledge of German culture. Patrick

Gaining new skills

I feel I have gained a lot of confidence in my language skills through doing this course which will allow me to conduct myself well in German in my future studies. My communication skills have definitely improved as well as team building skills both in English and German. Holly

My listening skills have certainly been improved and I particularly appreciated the wide range of accents to practise on, as in school we only hear a few. It has been particularly interesting to embrace German culture and to speak to real people, not just to hear textbook opinions. Tasmin

I think that my ability to speak in front on groups of people (in German) has improved through the performing of presentations to classes of people. I also think my ability to get along and work with people who I’m not familiar with has improved through the group work that we’ve done. Patrick

Exploring new cities

I thought the planned visits and excursions were amazing and it was brilliant to see a range of places. My favourite was probably our excursion to Berlin where we did some sightseeing and got a real feel for the city. I’ve always wanted to go so being able to very early on in the trip was awesome. The bike tour of Potsdam and the visit to Unverpackt [a packaging-free food shop in Berlin] was also really fun and interesting. Patrick

Immersion in German life

Thanks to my amazing host family I have greatly increased my confidence at speaking German. David

I got on incredibly well with my family – much better than I could’ve hoped for. We regularly spent time together playing board games and they were an absolute pleasure to be around. I hope that in the future I have the opportunity to see them all again whether that be in Germany or back here in the UK! Patrick

You can gain a deeper knowledge of the German language and culture by living first hand with wonderful host families who ensure that you are fully immersed into German life. Sophie


My cultural understanding of Germany has greatly improved since my participation in the course, through living with a German family and attending a German school. My German language skills have also improved and I feel more confident engaging in conversations with German people and native speakers. Olivia

The two weeks were an amazing chance to improve my German, whilst also fully embracing German culture by staying with a family, thereby being able to experience everyday German life and aspects I certainly would not otherwise have learnt about. Being able to spend the time alongside other UK students undeniably enhanced the trip and I am thankful to have met all of them. Tasmin

I feel a real sense of achievement from having participated in the course. Not only has my German greatly improved but I have made some lovely friends and been able to spend time in a city I love (Berlin). My personal highlights were being in Potsdam and Berlin – cycling, lake swimming and chilling with friends. Holly