A trip to the Freibad

We have put lots of German words on this page! Try to guess what they mean. If you get stuck, have a look at the ‘Words Ahoy’ list further down the page. Viel Spaß!

Let’s go to the Freibad!

Freibad - source: WikipediaFreibad

Kids in Germany love being outside in the summer! Max and Molly especially enjoy going to the Freibad (outdoor public swimming pool) which you can find in almost every town. There is usually a snack bar there, where you can buy PommesBratwürstchen and EisEis is the best thing to eat in the summer heat.


What does Max wear to the pool?

MaxMax in the Freibad

I like to wear a Badehose to go swimming. It is blau und weiß. Can you guess what that means? Find out below in the ‘Words Ahoy’ list! Molly wears a Badeanzug to go swimming. It is gelb und orange.

The Freibad really is the coolest place to be during the summer!


Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
die Badehose swimming trunks
der Badeanzug swimming costume
die Bratwürstchen German sausages
das Eis ice cream
das Freibad outdoor public swimming pool
die Pommes chips
blau blue
weiß white
gelb yellow
orange orange