Have you ever wanted to go sledging in the summer? You can with a Sommerrodelbahn!

Sommerrodelbahn is a bit like a bob-sleigh but without the ice. It is a track built along the side of a mountain, with lots of twists and turns. Sitting in a little car, you whiz down the track as fast as you can!

The car is fixed firmly to rails, so there is no need to steer it, but you can slow it down with a brake handle if it’s going too fast for you. Most Sommerrodelbahn tracks let children of eight years old or more ride alone. Would you like to give it a go?


Did you know …?

  • The longest Sommerrodelbahn in Germany is 3km long. A ride on it can last up to ten minutes!
  • The maximum speed of a Sommerrodelbahn car is around 25mph – that’s pretty fast when you’re hurtling down a mountainside!
  • A lot of Sommerrodelbahn tracks are open all year round.
  • Some tracks are even open late in the evenings. Imagine roaring down a mountainside in the darkness!

Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
die Sommerrodelbahn All-weather toboggan run
der Berg mountain
schnell fast
der Spaß fun
Das macht Spaß! That’s fun!


Click here to watch a video of people whizzing down a Sommerrodelbahn.

Have a look at these photos of people riding a Sommerrodelbahn at night!