Autumn celebrations

Falling leaves and changing trees

Max’s favourite season is autumn! Read the text below and see if you can understand why. There is some vocabulary below to help if you get stuck!

  • Ich mag den Herbst, weil die Blätter von den Bäumen fallen und ihre Farben wechseln. Sie sind nicht mehr grün, sondern orange, rot und manchmal sogar lila!
  • Im Herbst werden die Tage kürzer und die Luft kühler. Man muss sich wärmer anziehen!
  • In den Gärten gibt es Herbstblumen und reifes Obst. Oft kann man auch Vogelscheuchen finden. In den Parks kann man Kastanien, Eicheln und Blätter sammeln.

Autumn in Germany

Just like in the UK, there are lots of autumn activities and celebrations in Germany! Germans also celebrate harvest festival (Erntedankfest). It is one of the oldest religious celebrations, which brings people together to say ‘Thank you’ for a good harvest and for lots of food. Donations are collected to help people in need. Erntedankfest is celebrated in churches but also in schools and nurseries, usually on the first Sunday in October. There are different customs in Germany around Erntedankfest, like displaying a crown made of straw or street processions.

Although Halloween is celebrated less in Germany than in the UK, there are still lots of German celebrations in autumn. For example, St. Martin’s Tag, where there is a parade through the street to celebrate the kindhearted knight St. Martin!

Did you know?

  • The German word pumpkin is Kürbis? Pumpkin soup is a popular dish in the autumn. Have you tried it?
  • That autumn officially begins on 22 September!
  • That between 22 September and 21 December each day becomes on average 4 minutes shorter!
  • The German word for harvest is Ernte! Be careful not to get this confused with the word Ente though – that means duck in German!

Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
der Herbst autumn
der Baum / die Bäume tree / trees
das Blatt / die Blätter leaf / leaves
der Kürbis pumpkin
die Vogelscheuche scarecrow
das Erntedankfest harvest festival
die Farben colours
wechseln to change
verlieren to lose
sammeln collect
die Eichel acorn
die Kastanie chestnut (conker)
sich wärmer anziehen to wear warm clothes