Regions of Germany

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The island of Sylt (Northern Germany)The island of Sylt
(Northern Germany)

Germany is an exciting country to visit! Just like in the UK, the regions of Germany are very different from each other.

In the north, the countryside is quite flat, and there are some beautiful islands such as Sylt and Rügen off the coast. Famous towns include Hamburg, the second biggest port in Europe, and Bremen – famous for the fairytale Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten.

In the west, there are lots of towns and cities very close together. In fact, there are so many cities in the Ruhrpott area that it is sometimes difficult to tell where one ends and another begins. Famous towns include Aachen, Cologne (Köln), Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Münster, but there are lots more!

Munich, in the southMunich, in the south

In the south, there are some of the most beautiful castles, mountains and lakes in Europe. Famous sights include the Zugspitze mountain, Lake Constance and the fairytale castle, Schloß Neuschwanstein. Munich (München) is the biggest city, and many of Germany’s famous car companies come from the south such as Audi (Ingolstadt), Mercedes (Stuttgart), Porsche (Stuttgart) and BMW (Munich).

The east of Germany includes many highlights, such as the Harz mountains (famous for witches and ghosts!) and the Spreewald (Spree Forest), a beautiful area full of trees and small canals. Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is also in the east, and is famous for its museums, monuments and history.

Did you know …?

  • People in different areas speak in very different dialects. In fact, some dialects are so strong that they can be very difficult for people from other areas to understand.
  • Each area has its own famous food. For example, Cologne is famous for Reibekuchen (fried potato cakes), and the Black Forest (in the south) is famous for Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest gateau).

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