Red and grey squirrels

Did you know that most squirrels in Germany are red?

They are very similar to their grey cousins in the UK, but the red ones are a little bit smaller.

Most squirrels in the UK used to be red ones, too, but they have been replaced by the bigger, stronger grey squirrels. The grey ones originally came from North America.

Did you know …?


There are lots of animals in Germany that aren’t very common in the UK.

One example is the Marder (‘pine martin’), an animal like a big weasel. They aren’t very popular, because they chew the cables underneath people’s cars!

Why? Nobody really knows. Perhaps they like the taste of rubber!

Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

Deutsch English
das Tier animal
das Eichhörnchen squirrel
rot red
grau grey
der Marder pine martin
das Auto car