Finding a partner

From the very beginning of your partnership through to setting up a project and applying for funding, UK-German Connection is here to help.

  • Getting started

    Before you start your search, take some time to consider:

    • your objective(s)
      What do you want to get out of a partnership with Germany? What kind of benefits should it bring to your school or group?
    • what type of partner would suit your needs
      For schools, our overview of the German school system will help you decide. Think about whether you are looking for a school with a particular focus, e.g. a vocational school or a school with particular facilities.
    • what you can offer a partner school or youth group
      This could include local or regional culture, subject specialisms, ICT facilities and extra-curricular activities.
    • location and demographic
      Decide whether you would like to work with a partner organisation in a similar or contrasting local area.
    • what activities you would like to work on
      For inspiration, visit our showcase page, packed with examples of project topics and activities.
    • what resources you have or need
      Think about ICT facilities, funding, staffing and time.
    • which members of staff will be involved in the link and how
      Discuss your ideas with senior members of staff and colleagues from other disciplines.

    Getting your senior leadership team on board

    Before setting up a new partnership, discuss your plans with senior members of staff. Think about how a partnership can benefit pupils, staff and the wider school. These testimonials from teachers, parents and young people themselves as well information on funding programmes may come in useful.

    Taking your time

    Give yourself enough time to look at various possible partner schools/youth groups and openly and honestly discuss expectations, practicalities and core objectives with potential partners before signing up to one or taking discussions further – it will be time well-invested.

  • Ways to find a partner school

    British Council’s ‘Partner Finder’

    Schools can register their school in this international database for school partnerships and search for a suitable partner school.

    Host a Teacher

    Establish a new link with a German partner school by hosting a teacher from Germany for two to three weeks. This is a great manageable, short-term activity, which gives you the opportunity to discuss possible partnership plans during the visit.

    UK-German Bears project

    For primary schools looking to establish a new link with a German partner school, the UK-German Bears project is a great short-term activity where pupils host teddy bears from the other country and learn about each other’s culture and language.

    You may also wish to consider:

    • researching town-twinning links (your local authority may be able to help)
    • using personal contacts (ask parents, governors, other teachers or your foreign language assistant)
    • contacting local companies that may have links with German schools through trade relations.

    The UK-German partnership has been the most life-changing for our students amongst the extensive offer of international visits we provide. (Mounts Bay School)

  • Finding a partner youth group


    The official and central partner-finding tool for youth projects in Erasmus+.

    Advice from youth group leaders

    Find out your twin town in Germany and get in touch with similar institutions there – you’ll most likely start a valuable exchange of ideas and knowledge. (Rose Youth Theatre)

    Find a partner organisation that is similar to your own and where the young people are able to relate to each other due to environmental or social circumstances, for example. (North Ely youth group)