Host a Teacher from Germany

Registrations from UK schools are now welcome!


Due to travel restrictions and ongoing uncertainties, the Host a Teacher programme is now being offered on a virtual as well as a face-to-face basis. For further details on how virtual visits can work, please read on.


You can also sign up to one of our Q&A webinars to find out more about the programme, including the different hosting options (see ‘Q&A webinars, contact and support’ below).

Would you like a boost of authentic German cultural input in your school? Through the Host a Teacher from Germany programme, your school can host a German teacher (virtually or face-to-face) for one, two or three weeks during the academic year, at no cost.

All schools and further education colleges in the UK can take part. The programme is open to teachers of any subject and German does not need to be offered at your school; visiting teachers are either teachers of English or have good knowledge of the English language.

UK schools can be matched with a German teacher on the basis of a hosting (registration) form or can host a teacher, who is known to them, e.g. from a partner school.

  • Hosting options - virtual and actual visits

    Face-to-face visits

    These take place for either one, two or three weeks during the school year at a time to suit you and your German visitor, and are supported by virtual activities before and after the visit.

    Virtual visits

    You can host a teacher virtually at any time during the school year. Virtual visits can be planned as a one-off activity or as a series of activities over a longer period of time (eg over one month or term).

    What could a virtual visit look like?

    Once you have been put in contact with a German teacher and agreed on a time frame for your virtual visit, you can think about which digital activities and projects would work for your schools, such as:

    • presentations by your ‘visiting’ German teacher about Germany, their area or life at their school or by your school about the United Kingdom, your area or life at your school
    • interactive workshops from a German/British perspective on any curriculum subject
    • tutoring sessions delivered by one teacher working with one or more pupils learning German or English
    • bilateral activities, such as sharing best practice between teachers as part of CPD or project work on different themes.

    The virtual activities could involve one teacher or a group of teachers from each school, a group of pupils or a class and a teacher from the other school, or even one class or study group from each school with their teachers as moderators.

  • What could we get out of hosting a teacher from Germany?

    Hosting a teacher from Germany, either virtually or face-to-face, can provide you with:

    • a boost of authentic German culture brought to your school by a qualified teacher from Germany
    • joint thematic learning: both sides can benefit from discussing educational and curricular themes together from UK and German perspectives
    • the opportunity to broaden horizons, break down any existing prejudices, and increase pupils’ intercultural awareness and understanding
    • linguistic teaching support: pupils and teachers are able to practise their German speaking and gain confidence in conversing in the language
    • professional development: teachers gain new insight into the German education system, discuss educational issues and are able to reflect on current practice
    • a chance to discuss and develop a potential school partnership for future project activities
  • Vetting and support

    All visiting teachers are fully-qualified and vetted under the German system. Further information on vetting and criminal record checks is available on Health and Safety: Host a Teacher from Germany. More information will be provided to all participating schools.

    We will also provide you with practical tips and support about how to get the most out of the (virtual) visit for both sides.

  • Accommodation (face-to-face visits only)

    Visiting teachers either stay in host families (if your school is in a position to offer this), or in a local B&B. The visiting teacher pays the host family £150 per week for board and lodging. Further details about accommodation is available in our Host a Teacher from Germany: Programme information for UK schools.

  • How do I register?

    UK schools can now register for the Host a Teacher from Germany Programme 2021-22 via our online application system.

    Before applying, please read through our Host a Teacher from Germany: Programme information for UK schools and the application process guidelines. Please also read our Help page as it contains important information on logging in/out of, saving, previewing and downloading your application. Please also refer to this page in case you experience any technical difficulties.

    UK schools wishing to be matched with a German teacher in 2021-22 should register online. A separate confirmation and signatures form will need to be filled in, signed by the coordinating teacher and the Head of school, and uploaded as part of the registration.

    UK schools wishing to host a German teacher known to them in 2021-22 complete their registration as above but in addition provide the details of the German teacher and their school. The German teacher should apply via PAD.

  • Matching

    On the basis of the application form, you will be matched with a teacher from Germany, taking into account your school’s context and profile as far as possible. However, an exact match in terms of school type and subjects is not always possible.

  • Q&A webinars, contact and support

    Q&A webinars

    We are running a series of Q&A webinars for anyone interested in finding out more about the Host a Teacher from Germany programme.

    These interactive sessions will provide information about the hosting options (face-to-face, virtual) and offer you the chance to ask questions.

    To sign up, please use the short registration form for one of the dates below:

    • Thursday, 9 September, 5-6pm (registration closed)
    • Tuesday, 14 September, 5-6pm (registration closed)
    • Wednesday, 22 September, 5-6pm

    Support webinars

    For UK schools already registered for the 2021-22 programme and their visiting German teacher(s) we also offer support webinars to help with planning a (virtual) visit.

    To sign up to a support webinar, please use the short registration form for one of the dates below:

    •  Tuesday, 7 September, 5-6pm (registration closed)
    •  Tuesday, 28 September, 5-6pm
    •  Thursday, 7 October, 5-6pm
    •  Thursday, 14 October, 5-6pm

    If you have any questions about the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

  • Timeline

    Schools interested in hosting a teacher from Germany in 2021-22 can now register here.


    • 13 July 2021 for schools wishing to host in the autumn term, and
    • 28 September 2021 for schools wishing to host in spring and/or summer term

    You will be notified of the hosting arrangements within approximately four weeks after the deadline.