Health and safety: Host a Teacher from Germany

Information on safeguarding and vetting arrangements for the Host a Teacher from Germany programme.

The Host a Teacher from Germany programme is coordinated by UK-German Connection in partnership with the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD). The Pädagogischer Austauschdienst is the German governmental institution in charge of international exchange at school level and works to develop and promote international co-operation.

Please note that any arrangements made through the Host a Teacher from Germany programme may be subject to developments in the situation regarding Covid-19 and Brexit. We are monitoring the situation together with our partners in Germany and will inform you of any updates, which may affect the programme, as soon as we can.

  • Vetting of German teachers

    Before teachers in Germany can be employed and begin teaching, they have to undergo a three-year probationary period, which serves to confirm that the person is suitable for the teaching profession, both on a professional level, and also regarding their private conduct.

    They must also be issued with a Certificate of Conduct (Führungszeugnis) by the German Federal Office of Justice; this is the official national criminal record statement in Germany, and the equivalent of a criminal record check in the UK. All teachers, who visit UK schools under the Host a Teacher programme, have been issued with an official letter of acceptance as teachers (Einstellungsurkunde) and a Certificate of Conduct, a copy of which can be requested by the host school (with 6 weeks notice) if required.

    German teachers wishing to take part in this programme apply to PAD via the official education channels. Successful applications will have been endorsed by their school management and local education authority as well as the education ministry in their federal state. Acceptance onto this programme shows that the teacher has not been subject to either criminal or disciplinary proceedings.

    The vetting process is explained in more detail in the vetting statement, which all participating schools receive once they have been matched with a teacher from Germany.

  • Criminal record checks

    As German teachers are not UK residents, they are not able to undergo the same local security checks as teachers from the UK, i.e. DBS, PVG or AccessNI checks. The Certificate of Conduct (Führungszeugnis), issued by the German Federal Office of Justice is the official national criminal record statement in Germany, and the equivalent of a criminal record check.

    There is a further option for UK schools to carry out checks through European Economic Area Checks (EEA), which can be used to check whether a teacher, who trained or worked in the EEA has had any restrictions or sanctions imposed upon them. Please note that these are carried out through a company rather than a government authority and cost £10 per check.

  • The role of UK-German Connection

    UK-German Connection can provide information, guidance and support on the vetting process. All checks will have taken place through the official channels in Germany and statements of assurance in relation to the background checks of German teachers are issued by the relevant government authorities (see above).