Ambassador Projects 2020

In May 2020, our 2019-20 cohort of Cultural Exchange Ambassadors met each other for a second time at our virtual Evaluation Seminar. Although not our usual face-to-face seminar, they still had the opportunity to discuss their time as Ambassadors, present their projects to one another and talk to the group about their projects and experiences.

Despite the obvious challenges they faced during their time as Language Assistants and Ambassadors, they still managed to lead fantastic UK-German projects about sustainability with their pupils, three of which you can read more about below…

Sustainability Surrounding Us

Partnership: MLA Ambassadors Julia & Pia and ELA Ambassadors Imogen & Victoria
Schools: The Stanway School in Colchester, Sutton Grammar School in Sutton, BS02 Berufliche Schule für Wirtschaft und Handel Hamburg-Mitte, Freie Schule Anhalt in Köthen
Pupils involved: 60 pupils

Food, fashion and waste were the key themes of Julia, Pia, Imogen and Victoria’s Ambassador project, ‘Sustainability Surrounding Us’. After creating a project logo, collaborative blog and Instagram page, the schools introduced themselves – sharing photos, school profiles and even a video tour. They also exchanged parcels, filled with postcards, mementos and Christmas treats! Focus then shifted to the theme of sustainability.

In Hamburg, Victoria’s students looked at topics from sustainability in the workplace to apps and recipes that reduce food waste. Imogen’s pupils in Köthen kept food diaries, made reusable make-up pads and carried out questionnaires about sustainability at their school’s Projektwoche. Meanwhile, in the UK, Pia’s pupils in Sutton  collected fabric to make their own beeswax wraps and conducted a survey about food and waste. In Colchester, Julia’s students produced their own calendar of seasonable fruit & veg and compiled a sustainable map of their school.

The four schools also regularly posted updates to their collaborative blog and Instagram page​, and the pupils kept in touch via pen pal letters.

Orchestrating an up-cycling project

Partnership: MLA Ambassador Johanna and  ELA Ambassador Nora
Schools: Johanneum zu Lübeck, Icknield High School, Luton
Pupils involved: 18 pupils

In Lübeck and in Luton, Ambassadors Johanna and Nora merged music with sustainability, and set their pupils the task of creating a sustainable orchestra!

To begin, their schools introduced themselves to each other by sending boxes of letters, maps and snacks from each country. They then dived into the topic of sustainability, creating videos on sustainable initiatives in their local area and comparing these with the other country. Pupils in Lübeck introduced the UK school to the German ‘Pfand’ system, while Luton pupils looked into charity shops and everyday sustainability.

The two schools then collected waste materials and “upcycled” these into sustainable instruments. Pupils from both schools commented on how much they learnt about both their own culture and the other country’s, from taking part in this project.

You can read an update from one of Nora’s pupils about the project on the Johanneum zu Lübeck website.

A sustainable budgeting board game

Partnership: MLA Ambassador Johanna and ELA Ambassador Hannah
Schools: The Bishop’s Stortford High School, Friedrich-Magnus-Schwerd Gymnasium, Speyer
Pupils involved: 30

Johanna and Hannah decided to look at sustainability on a budget for their Ambassador project. To get to know each other, the schools exchanged Christmas cards with a twist – each card was sustainably made!

Both classes discussed and shared with one another what sustainability means to them. They then moved on to discuss unsustainable problems in their towns,  schools and homes, before coming up with affordable and actionable solutions to these problems. The pupils personally tested out the solutions they had devised to each problem on a weekly basis, and shared how successful these had been.

To conclude their project, each class created a “memory card game” (presenting the sustainable problems & solutions for each country), which they exchanged with the other school.

Thanks to all of our Cultural Exchange Ambassadors for your fantastic project work!