Messages from Past Ambassadors

Hear directly from our past Cultural Exchange Ambassadors about what they enjoyed, the skills they learned, and the connections they made during their time in the role…

“One of the highlights of my Language Assistant year”

“Ein CEA zu sein, war das Herzstück meiner Assistenzzeit. Durch die Möglichkeit ein solches Projekt durchzuführen, konnte ich meiner Rolle als Botschafter gerecht werden. Ich würde sogar soweit gehen, zu sagen, dass meine Erwartungen und Hoffnungen an das Assistenzjahr hauptsächlich durch meine Rolle als CEA erfüllt wurden.” (German Assistant, 2019-20)

“This project was definitely one of the highlights from my Year Abroad. It was a great experience for myself and my students. It gave me something constructive to do at work, and my students really loved writing their letters and receiving their parcels.” (English Assistant, 2018-19)

“Meine Zeit wurde auch vor allem dadurch besonders, dass ich ein eigenes Projekt planen und durchführen konnte. Außerdem war der Kontakt zu den anderen deutschen und britischen CEAs sehr bereichernd und hatte meine Assistenzzeit besonders gemacht.” (German Assistant, 2019-20)

Ohne das Projekt wäre meine Zeit als FLA nicht annähernd so interessant, lehrreich und schön gewesen.” (German  Assistant, 2019-20)

“Ein Projekt mit motivierten Kindern durchzuführen und eine Deutsch-AG anzubieten, war die beste Erfahrung als Sprachassistentin für mich. Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß dabei, was für mich einen besonders wichtigen Aspekt dargestellt hat.” (German Assistant, 2014-15)

“Widened my impact within my host school”

“This experience made my Year Abroad extremely enjoyable and allowed me to feel like I was having an impact on the school. It also allowed me to meet members of staff outside the English faculty, which I found extremely beneficial.” (English Assistant, 2019-20)

“Ich hatte so viel Spaß, meine Schulen haben sich irre gefreut, dass ihre Schule ein Teil von diesem Projekt war. Meine Deutschlehrer fanden es toll, dass Deutsch sichtbarer gemacht wurde und die Schüler Spaß hatten.” (German Assistant, 2019-20)

“A great intercultural experience for my students!”

“Durch das Projekt konnten die Schüler-innen sich mit englischsprachigen Schüler-innen austauschen und kreativ mit ihnen kommunizieren. Aus dem Projekt haben sich einige Brief “freundschaften” ergeben, die hoffentlich noch lange fortgeführt werden. Für die Schüler-innen war das Projekt eine Bereicherung.” (German Assistant, 2018-19)

“The CEA programme added a lot to my months as an FLA and this is why I would encourage future FLAs to take part. At the risk of sounding too cheesy: I feel that I have grown a lot during my time as a CEA and I think that I can say that I encouraged my students to become enthusiastic about Germany and other cultures in general.” (German Assistant, 2018-19)

“By providing the students with ‘real-life’ English people to speak to, it made them understand the doors that are opened when you speak a foreign language. This also made them much more enthusiastic to learn and communicate in their second language.” (English Assistant, 2019-20)

“Greatly improved my skill set”

“I have learnt a huge amount about project management which will serve me well in the future. The entire process of designing, organising and executing a project has been a brilliant learning process. The programme has also helped to further develop my teamwork skills; organising regular meetings with other leaders, coordinating our project between four different locations & using joint online platforms.” (English Assistant, 2019-20)

Taking part in the CEA programme has greatly enriched both of my experiences as a Language Assistant. It has offered me more responsibility in my school and opportunities to try new activities, new roles and build more relationships with my pupils to increase their contact with native speakers (and not just in regards to language, but also culture). I have greatly enjoyed working with other assistants and have made valuable friendships from the programme. (English Assistant, 2019-20)

“I feel I have learned how to incorporate authentic language material into the foreign language classroom. This way the students were more motivated and keen to speak and write German. Through my participation in this programme I improved my communication and organisational skills.” (German Assistant, 2017-18)

“Leading the project has helped me grow in confidence, as well as brought me into contact with teachers I otherwise might not have worked with. It gave me a proper role within the school in that both students and teachers became more aware of who I was, and what I could offer – namely, authentic information about Britain.” (English Assistant, 2016-17)

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