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Grosvenor Grammar School in Belfast and Evangelisches Gymnasium in Lippstadt have been partners for nearly 25 years and their annual exchange is still thriving! As part of our 15-year anniversary celebrations, they shared details of their successful partnership and how they've kept in contact this year with a video project...

Who: Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast & Evangelisches Gymnasium, Lippstadt

Grosvenor Grammar’s partnership with the Evangelisches Gymnasium in Lippstadt began in 1996 and continues to thrive today.

The last visit was in September 2019 when 30 pupils from Grosvenor travelled to Nordrhein-Westfalen to visit their counterparts in the Evangelisches Gymnasium in Lippstadt. All Northern Irish pupils were hosted by German pupils of a similar age and as ever the week was action packed. Activities included a tour of Lippstadt, a visit to the local climbing park, a trip to Dortmund and the Borussia Dortmund Football Stadium, a trip to Phantasialand and of course the ever-popular “Grillabend” for host families and guests held at the Evangelisches Gymnasium itself.

After participating in Exchange visits to Lippstadt, many pupils continue to visit their partners independently and some have also organised work experience in Lippstadt.

Adapting to the times

Unfortunately the visit to Germany in March 2020 had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. However, our link with the Evangelisches Gymnasium is very much alive and well. A teacher from the Evangelisches Gymnasium, who we hosted at Grosvenor for three weeks last November, kindly recorded a video for us called “Das Leben im Lockdown” and the German pupils have been virtually helping the Northern Irish pupils with their KS3 oral exams. Since we returned to school in September, our A-level pupils have also been assigned partners the same age at the Evangelisches Gymnasium and they have been organising weekly video calls to assist with preparation for the AS and A2 Speaking Exams.

The Northern Irish and German pupils were able to keep in contact earlier in the year through taking part in a video project called “Hast du einen Apfel”. Here you can see their collaborative video:

Hast du einen Apfel?


Wir können es kaum erwarten, hoffentlich bald wieder nach Lippstadt zurückzukehren, sobald es die Umstände erlauben.

A long-lasting impact

Over the years, both students and staff have developed life-long friendships, along with a better understanding and appreciation of their culture and improved language skills. The exchange has increased motivation amongst the students and as a result, increasing numbers of students are opting to take GCSE and A level German. This is a trend that seems to be continuing…

Fiona Dorman, teacher at Grosvenor Grammar School

This article is part of the UK-German Connection 15-year Anniversary Challenge: Capture Your Connection.

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