German Pupil Courses: Ruben’s story

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Ruben took part in our German Pupil Courses in 2019 and is still in touch with his German partner, Samira. We caught up with him to find out more!


Name: Ruben

Age: 15

Town/City: Newton Abbot (Devon)

UK-German Connection activity: German Pupil Course, Ortenburg, Bavaria


What is your favourite memory from the 2 weeks in Germany?

My favourite memory from the 2 weeks was the trip to the lake, with all of the class. It was so much fun, and made for a great day trip, with a lot of language learning.

Did you stay in touch with your host partner?

We message each other and maintain regular contact, in both English and German, so both of us can learn new phrases in each other’s language.

Did the German Pupil Courses affect your educational choices after the course?

The course made my German flow much easier, and allowed me to experience the culture, as well as use and learn new language. Hence, the course reinforced my decision in taking German next year, through the international baccalaureate.

What was the most important thing you learned during the course?

The most important thing I learnt was how to use my German on the spot, rather than having to think about word endings etc. It is a skill that I now have and can use more often.

An Kanufahren erinnere ich mich noch besonders von dem Besuch meines britischen Gastschülers.

– Samira, Ruben’s host partner

Did the things you learned during the course change your perspective on the world?

It certainly gave me a much broader outlook on the world in general, and taught me how to communicate with people despite language barriers, telling me a lot about people in general, and understanding on the whole.

It was truly an amazing experience that I would do ten times over if I could.


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