Where are they now? Georgia’s journey

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Georgia couldn’t imagine using German language skills in her future when she was younger. But taking part in a German Pupil Course in 2013 transformed her outlook and inspired her to embrace all things German. Here she updates us on the latest adventure she’s about to begin.

Back in 2013….

…I did a 2 week German Pupil Course with 11 other students from the UK. Prior to this, my German skills were limited and I could not see myself ever requiring German language skills in my future.

The course was so inspiring

I met other students who were passionate about becoming fluent in German and aspired to build international careers where German would be required. It made me realise how useful a second language could be and how enjoyable immersion in the German language and culture was.

I caught the language bug!

I got a part time job alongside my studies to self-fund a language course in Berlin the following summer. I got an A* in my German GCSE and continued my German studies at A level.

I continued studying German

Since then, I have studied German for Engineers alongside my Engineering degree at Cambridge University. I’ve visited Berlin multiple times and completed a 3 month internship with the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) in Aachen’s RWTH University.

And am now moving to Germany!

I’m now about to move to Berlin in 3 weeks to work for a start-up! I can’t believe how transformative the 2 week language course has been to my life and how enabling German has been in terms of the life experiences and job opportunities it has opened up to me.

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