Youth Seminar ‘Sustainable Consumption’

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Together with the British Embassy in Berlin, we brought 58 young people from across the UK and Germany together in November 2019 to discuss sustainable consumption and the importance of our individual actions.

Why our everyday choices matter

With a focus on three key themes – fashion, food and transport – our young people took part in workshops, discussions and tours of the city, to help them tackle the questions:

  1. What are the everyday choices we can take that will really make a difference?
  2. What are the challenges and barriers that prevent us from making these changes?

Creative preparation

Videos, poems, drawings, raps, trousers – you name it, we received it! As part of their applications, our participants had to submit a piece of creative work in response to the question: What does sustainability mean to you and your community?


Visit our picture gallery to see some more examples of the submitted creative work.

Input from the experts…

Participants took part in workshops and tours on the themes of food, fashion & transport, led by experts in each of these fields:

  • Green Fashion Tours: a workshop on making sustainable fashion choices followed by a tour around a number of sustainable fashion shops in Berlin

It was shocking learning the statistics for how much clothing is bought per minute and how much is thrown away annually, but this was an eye opener about fast fashion that I think we all needed. (UK participant)

  • Restlos Glücklich: a workshop on sustainable food, where participants visited different ‘stations’ to learn about eating seasonally, recipes for waste-food and much more!
  • DIY: Dein Mobilitätsprojekt: an expert from this project (part of the Verkehrsclub Deutschland) discussed mobility and how to travel more sustainably, as well as showcasing local transport projects initiated by young people

Exploring the city…

Following a very full Saturday, participants were given free time on Sunday morning to explore Berlin together. A number chose to visit the city’s flea markets in search of second-hand clothing, while others went sight-seeing. The participants were also challenged with buying themselves a sustainable lunch on a budget – with varying degrees of success!

Presenting at the British Embassy

On Monday, all participants took part in an event at the British Embassy in Berlin, where they presented their findings from the weekend, and had the opportunity to ask a panel of experts (from WWF, Uniqlo, Verkehrsclub Deutschland and Green Fashion Tours) lots more questions!

What next?

After some emotional goodbyes in Berlin, our participants returned to their homes in the UK and Germany. Since then, they’ve been sharing what they learned during the seminar with their friends, families and communities, as well as making an effort to live more sustainably…

Ich habe nach dem Seminar angefangen, mehr darauf zu achten, wo die Produkte herkommen und wie sie hergestellt werden, was natürlich meine Familie beim einkaufen auch beeinflusst. (German participant)

We’re planning future events and projects about sustainability – register your interest to be the first to hear about upcoming events!