Youth seminars: Sean’s story

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Sean’s experience on UK-German seminars in Belfast and Leipzig had a significant effect on his outlook on life and gave him hope for the future. He tell us how his perspective changed and how he’s kept in touch with those he met.


Name: Sean

Age: 18

Town/City: Newry (Northern Ireland)

UK-German Connection activity: Peacing it Together 1 (Belfast, 2018) and Peacing it Together 2 (Leipzig, 2019)


What is your favourite memory from the seminars?

My favourite memory is the tour of Berlin, which allowed us to see many historical and important sites and gave us the opportunity to visualise what we had been learning about and discussing. Having this opportunity with young people from Germany ensured that I learned much more than I would have by visiting Berlin on my own.

Did you stay in touch with the other young people you met?

I have remained in touch with friends made on both events. Through social media we keep up to date with each other’s lives. I have met several Northern Irish participants since and we look back fondly on the seminars. We have also had a Zoom meetup which was very fun.

I will certainly return to Germany in the near future and hopefully visit more cities and experience even more of what the country offers.

What is the most important thing you learned during the programme?

I have learned how driven and passionate young people are and that there will always be people keen to see change in the world, and organisations eager to promote this. It gives me great hope for the future.

Did your experiences influence your perspective on life in general?

The experience showed me that I want to take up as many opportunities as possible that involve experiencing new cultures, countries and people. It has made me have a more global outlook for work and study in the future and I will make sure to apply for other programs which will help me grow as a person.

The experience has shown me how travel is much more enjoyable the more you engage with the host country and take an interest in the history and culture.

Do you have any comments or advice for anyone thinking of applying for a UK-German Connection programme?

I would encourage everyone to apply, even if you are unsure, the experience will be really memorable and something you will look back on! Let your personality come across in your application and, if selected, engage with the other participants and leaders as much as possible and give everything your best shot.

Put everything into the experience and you will get the most back.

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