Photo Competition ‘Welcome to my World’: Winning entries

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We recently called on young people from around the UK and Germany to share a glimpse into their lives as part of our photo competition ‘Welcome to my World’ and we received over 100 fantastic photos in response! Many thanks to everyone who took part!

The submitted photos were judged by a panel which included Berlin-based professional photographer, Stefan Maria Rother.

After much deliberation, two overall winners were chosen as well as five runners-up! We also awarded special commendations to a number of other entries which impressed our judges. Congratulations!

Winning entries

Elliot  (Nottingham)

“I took this picture at a beach just north of Skegness when we drove there at 3am to watch the sun rise over the sea- the sun was so low above the sea that it created really long shadows and was perfect for silhouette shots. This was at about 5am when the sun had risen just above the horizon and I was living on two hours of sleep and a hot chocolate.” (Elliott, Nottingham)

Elliot’s photo really struck a chord with our judges, who were impressed with the use of light and the atmosphere created by the shot. They felt as if  this photo captured a moment perfectly, as well as highlighting how the current situation has emphasised the beauty of nature.

Here everything seems to be perfect: the waves turning over and the next thing I hear is the splash. The people photographed as a silhouette are standing by themselves and separate so well from each other. Did I mention the sun – oh, well, give me a sunset – you are perfect!

-Stefan Maria Rother, professional photographer and judge

Celina (Gelnhausen)

“Das Foto zeigt meine Welt anhand von zwei verschiedenen Aspekten. Die Kirche ist schon seit meiner Kindheit ein großer Bestandteil meines Lebens, da ich in der Stadt aufgewachsen bin und bei vielen kirchlichen Aktivitäten mitgewirkt habe. Das habe ich in Verbindung mit dem Autofahren gesetzt, da dies neuerdings ebenfalls zu meinem täglichen Leben gehört. Somit konnte ich sowohl meinen Alltag vorstellen, als auch ein Foto meiner Stadt zeigen und somit meine Welt präsentieren.” (Celina, Gelnhausen)

Our judges were really impressed by the use of colour in Celina’s image, as well as the creative composition she set up. The reflection of the town in the car window represents these strange times perfectly, as well contrasting the old and new and childhood vs adulthood.

Alt versus Modern. Stillstand versus Mobilität. Wozu los fahren, wenn es dort so schön ist? Die Welt will entdeckt werden – auf geht’s!

-Stefan Maria Rother, professional photographer and judge



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