Where are they now? Georgia’s story

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Georgia tells us how her experiences on the German Scholarships Programme and Youth Seminars influenced her choice of subject at university and led to many new friendships.

Name: Georgia

Age: 22

Town/City: Newcastle Upon Tyne

UK-German Connection activity: German Scholarship Programme 2016, Youth Seminar ‘Young Voices 2017’, Youth Conference ‘Young Voices 2018’, Youth Seminar ‘Sustainable Urban Development 2019’


What is the most important thing you learned during the programmes?

The most important thing I learnt during the programme was to not give up when you don’t know the German word for something or don’t 100% know how to express something. You have to get through the awkward moments and long pauses but it is best to persevere! It will click one day!

What is your favourite memory from your UK-German Connection experience?

The German Scholarship Programme is probably still the best 4 weeks of my life to date, and within that month it is tough to pick out a specific highlight, though I would probably have to say the day we went to the Zugspitze!

What are you doing now?

I am a Final Year Student at Newcastle University (studying German, Spanish and Business Studies).

Did you stay in touch with the other young people you met?

I remain in contact with many friends I made across a lot of the different programmes, I have been lucky enough to meet with many people in Germany again over the years. Though this year it has mostly been catch-ups through social media and FaceTime!

Have you visited Germany again since your UK-German Connection experience?

I have been to Germany multiple times a year since my first UK German Connection event in 2016 and spent 6 months living and working in Berlin as part of my year abroad in 2019.

Did your experience have any additional influence on your life?

The UK-German Connection Events I attended confirmed my intention to study German at University and I am now looking to move to Germany after finishing my degree in Summer 2021.

My experiences gave me a great appreciation and understanding of the German culture and allowed me to meet so many people, both Brits and Germans, that I wouldn’t have otherwise met!

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