German Scholarships Programme: Riya’s Story

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Riya spent 4 weeks travelling around Germany with a group of young people from all over the world, communicating in their common language – German! We caught up with her to hear her favourite parts of the German Scholarships Programme and how her experiences have shaped her choices since.

Name: Riya

Age 19

Town: Reading

UK-German Connection Programme: German Scholarships Programme 2019


What is your favourite memory from the 4 weeks in Germany?

The last day, even though it was very sad, because we all felt like a big, happy family. We all sang at a karaoke bar in Berlin and then stayed up the whole night in the hotel writing goodbye messages for each other.

Ich erinnere mich besonders an die ganzen Aktionen und Dinge die wir gemeinsam unternommen haben. Zum Beispiel das Grillen, gemeinsames kochen oder auch der Besuch unseres Volksfestes!

– Riya’s host partner

What was the most important thing you learned during the course?
I discovered some very important things about myself and also gained more self-confidence. It was life-changing for me, in a good way.

I was able to become the best version of myself and the experience allowed me to become more open minded and more willing to take risks.

Did you stay in touch with the people you met on the course?

Yes! I stayed in touch with all the participants on the trip (British and international), we have various online chats and still do video calls. One of my friends in my group who lives in Chile came and visited me when he came to England last year.

What are you doing now with regards to education/job?
I am hoping to study Modern Languages at university. The programme made me value languages even more upon reflection of how German had brought together so many of us young people internationally.

Would you have any words or advice for pupils who are thinking of applying in the future?
Just enjoy every part of this, whether it is the application process, the trip itself or the relationship with the other participants. Just be willing to give things a go and try not to worry!


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