German Teacher Award

If you know a truly outstanding German language teacher at your primary or secondary school – make sure that their dedication and excellence get the recognition they deserve! The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in London is now inviting nominations for the annual German Teacher Award. The award is given every year to excellent teachers of German who have who have made an outstanding and dedicated contribution to German teaching at their school.

Deadline: 14 May 2021

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Host a Teacher from Germany

Would you like a boost of authentic German cultural input in your school? Through the Host a Teacher from Germany programme, your school can host a German teacher (virtually or face-to-face) for one, two or three weeks during the academic year, at no cost.

All schools and further education colleges in the UK can take part. The programme is open to teachers of any subject and German does not need to be offered at your school; visiting teachers are either teachers of English or have good knowledge of the English language.

UK schools can be matched with a German teacher on the basis of a hosting (application) form or can host a teacher, who is known to them, e.g. from a partner school.

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15-year Anniversary Challenge: Capture Your Connection

Do you have a UK-German connection?

Share your story and celebrate your experience by submitting an entry to our 15-year Anniversary Challenge! Whether it’s a friendship, school partnership, youth group exchange or other connection, share it creatively and inspire others with your story!

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Host a Teacher from Germany – application process guidelines

In order to take part in this programme, coordinating teachers fill out an application form on behalf of their school. This page outlines the application process for the Host a Teacher from Germany programme 2020-21.

Before you start with your online application, please read our Help page as it contains important information on logging in/out of, saving, previewing and downloading your application. Please also refer to this page in case you experience any technical difficulties.

The following application process guidelines cover the steps and documentation needed to apply for this programme.

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Host a Teacher from Germany – data protection guidelines

In order to take part in this programme, coordinating teachers fill out an application form on behalf of their school. This page outlines UK-German Connection’s policy regarding your data privacy and rights in relation to the Host a Teacher from Germany programme.

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Opportunities for Pupils

We have a variety of opportunities for pupils to visit Germany, either as individual applicants or with a group from their school.

Virtual Summer Courses

Although the German Pupil Courses and German Scholarships Programme (below) will not be taking place in 2021, the Virtual Summer Courses: ‘Deutschland online erleben’ gives German learners aged 15-17 the chance to put their German skills into practice and immerse themselves in the language with like-minded peers from many different European countries. It’s a unique opportunity to exchange on topics relevant to their lives, gain new perspectives and make friends, all under the guidance of specialist German teachers.

This is an international programme and participants will experience German language learning in mixed international groups.

You can find more information about the programme on our website for young people.

German Pupil Courses

The German Pupil Courses are two-week long language and culture courses, which take place in July and August in Germany. There are three course for 12 pupils and one group leader each. The pupils stay with German host families for two weeks and attend excursions and school visits while in the country. The programme is open for students in Year 10 and Year 12.

More information about the German Pupil Courses can be found on our website for young people.

German Scholarships Programmes

The German Scholarships Programme is a four-week long programme in Germany for students with a high level of German. The course is entirely funded by the German Foreign Office and eight students are selected each year.  The students spend two weeks living with host families and participate in an international programme, involving cultural and educational excursions and activities.

You can find more information about the German Scholarships Programme on our website for young people.

Youth Seminars

Throughout the year, UK German connection runs thematic seminars, often based on current topics and events. The seminars are attended by young people in education or as part of a youth group and are bilateral events, held in either the UK or Germany.

You can find more information on our website for young people.

Magical Christmas Trips

The Magical Christmas trips programme is an intercultural and educational Christmas trip to Germany for primary school children and a small number of accompanying secondary school students. The four day visit allows younger children to experience German culture during the festive period.

More information, along with past experiences, can be found on our Magical Christmas Trip page.

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Host a Teacher from Germany – Why take part in the programme?

Our school felt that we had brought a piece of the world into the classroom by hosting the German teacher for 3 weeks. It encouraged our students to see things from a different perspective, preparing them to become good citizens. (Francis Askew Primary School)

Schools that have hosted a teacher from Germany this academic year share their highlights and the benefits of the programme:

This experience has been incredibly powerful for the school and pupils. It has enabled pupils to experience a taste of Germany which is very important as many of our students would never be able to afford the opportunity to visit Germany. German language is no longer such an abstract concept for our pupils as they have been able to connect with German pupils and Germany. I would recommend every school to apply. (Coordinating teacher)

It’s flexible

Visits can take place at any time between September and July with the freedom to tailor the programme to your common interests.

It provides real opportunities for creativity. You can take it in any direction because you are not restricted. (Putteridge High School)

It’s free

For schools not able to host a language assistant, the Host a Teacher programme allows pupils to benefit from lessons about German culture and linguistic support at no extra cost.

UK-German Connection provides a great opportunity for schools to share their experience and knowledge in a cost-effective way. (Charlton Manor Primary School)

It’s a great way to exchange resources

Need some ideas for activities to teach a certain topic? Teachers at Oakthorpe Primary were left feeling inspired after sharing ideas and resources with their teacher from Germany.

Swapping ideas and sharing resources can be quite enlightening and stimulate further ideas for projects and links. (Oakthorpe Primary)

It’s an excellent professional development opportunity

Hosting a teacher from Germany can give you a unique perspective of teaching techniques and can give you some fresh ideas to try out in the classroom.

It was wonderful to be able to share my practice with the teacher and learn about how he teaches.

We benefited from sharing experiences and learning from each other, particularly regarding teaching children who do not have English/German as a first language. (Woodrow First School)

Pupils benefit from cultural input and linguistic support

Bring pupils’ learning to life! Having a native speaker in the classroom who is able to share cultural information first-hand provides students with a tangible learning experience and enthusiasm.

The children gained a unique perspective into a different culture and way of life. (Woodrow First School)

It was such a benefit having not only a “native speaker” but also a teacher – the pupils’ preparation and performance in oral exams really benefitted from her presence and input.

We had a fantastic experience hosting a teacher from Germany and I can fully recommend the programme to any school considering it – it may seem like extra work but on the contrary, the benefits far outweigh the initial planning. Being sent an extra teacher for free is a godsend – she was an instant hit with our students and they loved the contact with an authentic German speaker as well as hearing about school life in Germany. (Kelso High School)

It can lead to bigger things…

Hosting a teacher from Germany could open up further opportunities for activities or a possible link between the two schools.

After hosting a teacher from Löhne, Spalding High School set up an orchestra exchange, which is still going strong.

new pen pal scheme was set up between Year 7 pupils at a school in Hertfordshire and their German visitor’s school.

The visit has made the partnership real and personal to both pupils and staff. (Bishop Hatfield Girls’ School)

Top tips from UK hosting teachers

  • Plan your visitor’s timetable in advance, so that as many classes or year groups can benefit.
  • Speak to the teacher before they come to ensure that you have broken the ice beforehand.
  • Get them involved in all aspects of the school, not just the German department.
  • Ask the German teacher to prepare a presentation of their school/local area or bring photos.
  • Ask the German teacher to bring letters from their pupils introducing themselves as well as authentic materials.
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Teachers’ tips – planning a visit

Still apprehensive about organising an exchange visit to Germany? We’ve put together the best pieces of advice from experienced teachers to help you run a trip without any hiccups.

The UK-German Bears Project

Invite a bear from Germany into your classroom! Our UK-German Bears Project brings a fun and accessible international dimension to your lessons!

What is the UK-German Bears Project?

The Bears is a free two-week bilateral programme, which puts pupils not only in touch with Alex, the teddy bear from Germany, but also with a German school class. The German class hosts Ben, the British teddy bear, at the same time as the UK school hosts Alex, making this a fun, interactive way for primary children to learn about each other’s language and culture! The bears come with teaching resources including ideas for short-term bilateral activities, which tie in with primary curriculum topics wherever possible.

British and German schools link up on this programme to share information about the bears’ ‘activities’ and to learn a bit about the other school with a view to setting up longer-term contact. We strongly encourage schools to continue their link after the bears’ visit and will be happy to support you in this.

The UK-German Bears Project involves the following features:

  • There are two real, furry teddy bears, Alex from Germany and Ben from the UK.
  • Alex travels to schools in the UK, Ben to their respective project partner schools in Germany.
  • Each bear is accompanied by a teaching resources, including worksheets and detailed lesson ideas. These are linked, where possible, with curriculum topics.
  • Each participating teacher receives access to a special online Bears area, with songs, interactive games and quizzes. In addition, pupils together with their teachers can record Alex’s adventures in the Bears’ Blog.
  • The bears normally stay for a period of two weeks.

Hosting dates for 2020:

New hosting dates will be announced here as an when the project starts running again.

Invite Alex

If you are interested in hosting the Bears, or would simply like to find out more, please contact us by using the Bears Project sign-up form.

If you don’t have a partner school for the project, don’t worry! We can help you find one.

Please note: The Bears Project is open to schools in the UK and Germany only.

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  • All UK


Youthbridge is a charitable initiative of the British-German Association to provide support for making German learning in UK schools more relevant, interesting and fun, and to foster bilateral communication.

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