UK-German Tandem Challenge

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Want a dynamic and interesting way to keep in touch with your German friend, tandem partner or host brother or sister? Take part in our Tandem challenge!

With the UK-German Tandem Challenge you can stay connected while discovering each other’s cultures, having fun taking photos and helping to educate others too!

Working on a challenge together can be a great way to get to know someone better or continue your existing friendship.

Here’s the challenge – read on to find out how to take part.

With thanks to Tandemweltweit participants who helped develop this activity with UK-German Connection!

  • Who can take part?

    This challenge is designed for UK-German pairs who already know each other who want a fun way to learn more about each other and each other’s culture, country and lifestyle.

    Teachers can also adapt it to use as a class activity for connecting with their partner school.

  • How do I take part?

    Step 1: Get chatting

    Share the challenge (see image above) with your German friend and discuss the categories shown. Think about:

    • Are there similarities or differences in these areas between the UK and Germany?
    • Are they the same all over your country or are there regional differences?
    • What aspects of your own culture might be interesting or surprising for your partner to learn?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the thing in each country?
    • What is your personal connection to that topic?

    You can talk about as many or as few categories as you like and go as deep as you want with the discussions.

    If you’re communicating with your partner over the internet, make sure to follow these tips for staying safe online.

    Step 2: Get snapping

    For each topic you discuss, each take a photo to represent that item or idea in your country (and region).

    Or if you can’t take a photo of the category, try drawing it (perhaps for the language-based categories).

    Step 3: Share your findings on social media

    For each topic you discussed and photographed, write a few lines to summarise what you learned about the other culture (see our examples below). You can write in English or German (or write one text in each language).

    Post your photos and findings on social media using the hashtag #UKGermanTandemChallenge and tag us (@ukgconnection (Instagram) / @ukgconnection (Twitter) / @ukgermanconnection (Facebook)) to educate others and share your culture!

    You can also send us your photos and what you’ve written to for a chance to be featured in our gallery.

  • Examples

    Here’s an example on the topic of ‘regional festivals‘:

    My partner showed me photos of the ‘Maibaum’ in her village – it’s a big decorated tree trunk that is put up every year on the 1st of May and they have a big festival. Nearby villages try to steal each others’ Maibaum! They couldn’t celebrate together this year but the ‘Maibaum’ was still put up in the village square and my partner showed me the traditional dress (Dirndl) she would have worn to the festival – it wasn’t like the ones I’ve seen before as it went all the way down to her feet.

    Meine Partnerin hat mir vom ‘Edinburgh Tattoo’ erzählt. Das ist Teil des Edinburgh Festivals und ist eine Art Vorführung vor dem Schloss.  Es gibt traditionellen Tanz und schottische Musik – von Dudelsäcken natürlich – und Feuerwerke. Im August findet in Edinburgh auch das ‘Fringe Festival’ statt – das ist das weltweit größte Kulturfestival. Ich wusste nicht, dass im Sommer in Edinburgh so viel los ist und würde die Stadt so gerne besuchen!

    Here’s an example submission on the topic of ‘Christmas treats‘:

    Ich habe gehört, dass in Großbritannien zu Weihnachten ‘mince pies’ gebacken werden. Das sind kleine Gebäckstücke gefüllt mit einer Fruchtmischung und Gewürzen. Am Heiligen Abend lassen viele Briten einen ‘mince pie’ und ein Getränk vor der Tür für den Weihnachtsmann! Das finde ich süß.

    My partner and I talked about Christmas treats in the UK and Germany. In Germany they make lots of different types of little biscuits called ‘Plätzchen’ in all different shapes and with different flavours like cinnamon. My partner’s grandmother always bakes about 8 different types and gives them out to the family throughout December. This photo shows the selection she just made – they look great!

    Please note: All photos submitted must be in JPG format, with high quality and resolution, of a maximum of 5MB in size but not lower than 1MB.

  • Further questions?

    If you have any questions, please contact